A Friendly Service

Want to feel relaxed, at ease and in control?

Our aim is to make your visit as pleasant an experience as possible. We do this by greeting you with a smile, listening to your concerns, assessing your needs and discussing solutions with you to help you achieve better dental health. We aim to be as helpful and accommodating as we can, and we will work in a mindful way to allow you the time and space to help ease your anxieties.

Your First Visit

Our relaxed and friendly new patient appointment gives ample time for you to discuss any concerns you may have and to discuss all aspects of proposed treatment and involve you in the decision making.

We endeavour to make your children’s visits as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.


We offer all aspects of professional, modern dental care, including the prevention and treatment of tooth and gum disease, direct access hygienist treatments, minimal intervention dentistry, general dentistry, veneers, crowns and bridges, and dentures. We also do treatments for the prevention of snoring and sleep apnoea, and tooth grinding (bruxism). We also do smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

Smile Questionnaire

Your Comfort

We have continued to upgrade and improve the service we provide for our patients this year. To help you relax and take your mind off your treatment, we have recently installed over-head TV in the surgery rooms. You are free to enjoy calming videos of your choice, or enjoy the music you love on our recently improved digital stereo equipment. Alternatively we are happy for you to bring your music along on your i-pod or phone.

Further improvements have been made to our waiting rooms, with new chairs to add to your comfort, while you relax with a magazine and drink.


You might find it helpful to use our appointment reminder service. It will send you a text or e-mail to inform you of your appointment time.


We never want to put our patients or team members at risk. We take utmost care to ensure all cross-infection procedures are carried out. All instruments are sterilised, disposed of, or disinfected as appropriate. We also ensure that we adhere to all relevant health and safety guidelines.

Using technology to ensure the highest standards

Our records are computerised and completely confidential. We can make instant chair-side diagnosis with a combination of digital x-rays and intra-oral photographs. We have short computer-animated sequences to explain dental procedures, and with cosmetic imaging show you what your smile could look like.

The following are ways we can help to make your visit a more relaxed experience:

‘The Wand’: a unique way of delivering local anaesthetic accurately and at very low pressure, making it virtually pain free.

Testimonial about ‘The Wand’

The air abrasion machine: removes stains, certain fillings and means less intervention for early decay. It avoids the need for an injection, so is especially useful for treating children.

The ‘DIAGNOdent’: can detect decay much sooner than x-rays, thus reducing x-ray exposure and ensuring we can catch the decay before it does too much damage to the tooth.