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We are always aiming to improve our service to help make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease whilst having your dental treatment. We want you to feel confident and trust us to take care of you and your teeth. Your feedback is important to us to help us continually improve our service.


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Here are some testimonials that our patients have given.

Feedback about Our Team

Absolutely fabulous staff and are brilliant with both my children A* service


Excellent practice, everyone is very warm and friendly.


Top notch service from everyone at the practice. Such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere too, making you feel at ease from the minute you walk in. Would recommend this practice to anyone.


With an NHS dentist I got: Name? Sign here … and here. Take a seat and we’ll tell you when the dentist can see you. With Manor House it’s “Hi Steve, would you like a coffee?”


Dear Matthew. I write to thank you and your team for your kindness and consideration I have received over many years of being a patient of Manor House. You have all shown me endless courtesy and patience coupled with lots of good humour! The latter not normally associated with “going to the dentist”!

I am particularly pleased with the results of my last course of treatment ie a post crown and root-filling. The tooth looks and feels as good as – if not better than a natural tooth! I am indeed most grateful. Kind regards to you and the team


No longer do I fear going to the dentist. Matthew and his team are always gentle, friendly, and very clear on what is happening and why at every stage, and my teeth no longer cause me problems after the care they have received. I cannot recommend Manor House highly enough!


Matthew and his team are undoubtedly the best dental praxis we have ever encountered – and we have lived in various countries. The level of dedication, skill and attention not only to your teeth but also to your concerns and wishes are outstanding. Matthew discusses all treatment options with you in detail so you can find the solution you are most happy with – such as the microabrasion for my teeth which worked perfectly for me and made a big difference to my smile. The very friendly staff and atmosphere also means that my children are never nervous or worried about “seeing Matthew” and trust him fully with their teeth – and even listen to his advice!

Aline M Laengle

This is a fantastic dental practice with very professional service. It is better than any other dental practice I have been with. Every appointment is spot on and it is really strange enjoying a visit to the dentist. As the practise uses all the latest technology my smile is amazing!

Chris H

I have always been very anxious when visiting the dentist but the staff at Manor House Dental Practice always make me feel at ease. This is by far the best dental practice I have been to and would highly recommend to anyone.

Rebecca Davies

Excellent Dental practice, highly skilled team, and very professional service.

Richard Lee

The staff are always welcoming and friendly and the dental treatment is always of a high standard.


This is without doubt the best dental practice in York. The whole team are friendly, extremely helpful and so good at making you feel at ease. It is so easy to phone up and get the help you need, they always go out of their way to accommodate. The hygienists are great, the nurses are really professional and still have time for a chat. The practice is beautifully clean and hygienic. Matthew is wonderful – kind, patient, he makes you feel so relaxed -and always does a brilliant job of my teeth. He is the best there is. I used to dread going to the dentist, but not any more. It is a really pleasant experience!

Helen Worth

Excellent dental practice – a highly professional dentist, with great skills, who has been looking after my teeth for several years now. The dental nurses and other staff are also very professional and friendly – I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Ranza Barr

Being in the business for 40 years, I feel gives me a little insight about what to expect as a patient! At Manor House I felt really well looked after by a great team, thank you for being gentle and caring and doing a great job.

Shirley Wilson

Feeback about ‘The Wand’

I’d conducted a lot of research on dentists, having a phobia of needles.  After some time I discovered the benefits of a dentist sensitive to my concerns and who has clearly recognised the tangible benefits of the latest technology in the patient experience. The Wand and the team has revolutionised my attitude to dentists and I’d go as far as to say I actually quite look forward to my visits. Certainly don’t have to prepare myself for visits several days in advance so I feel a lot happier.

For anyone like myself who shares a phobia of needles and avoids dental treatment I can’t sing the praises enough of the team at Manor House and the use of the Wand.  Sedation for me was not a satisfactory treatment option and I urge anyone with similar concerns about dentists to visit Matthew and the team.


This dentist is by far the best I’ve ever been to. Took my fear away completely. There technology blew me away (no needles) all the staff where very comforting. Will recommend to all my friends and family.100%


Feedback about Emergency Treatment

Given that with greatest care and attention on all levels, the practice in all disciplines, has kept this tooth viable for many years longer than I ever expected and for which I am very grateful – when the time came I was given an appointment immediately to see Matthew who assessed the situation in his highly professional way whilst at the same time connecting with myself, my anxieties and worries and as always, was able to reassure, give me much needed confidence and proceed to deal with and bring about a painless and expedient outcome – with thanks to Matthew, Jo, Vanessa and Rachel.
Without question I would (and have) recommend the practice to friends and family without exception.

Lisa Gough

Excellent service and the friendliest staff! Chip in my tooth sorted quickly and looks great! Thank you very much!


Dear Matthew & Team. Thank you so much for fitting me in at short notice and easing my pain. I truely appreciate the fantastic care you give and the high standards you adopt.

Nina Watson

Feedback about Hygienist Treatment

I have never had cleaner teeth than with Rachel my hygienist!! Most welcoming team around!

Harvey Rhodes

Feedback about General Dental Work

I can 100% recommend Manor House Dental practice and the staff there! They are lovely whilst being professional. I am delighted with the work I have had done, from the initial consultation to the subsequent treatments. For years now I have had receding gums, which I thought were just an age thing to find out it is over brushing over my gums. It has resulted in my teeth that would normally be covered by my gum being exposed which made my teeth sensitive and I didn’t like the look of them. They have done a fantastic job of filling them which look and feel great. In addition since the treatment and an appointment with the hygienist, my teeth have have stopped bleeding on brushing. I am looking forward to my next appointment when I will have my front teeth built back up as I have chipped them several times!!

Tricia, She Loves York

I am very pleased indeed with the dental work that has been carried out.  Crowns and denture are excellent and are very well matched to permanent teeth.  Dr Houlton took great care in ensuring that colour, size and shape of crowns and new teeth were just right and that the partial denture was seated properly, looked right, and did not cause any discomfort.  It is also important to add that my treatment was painless and that I felt comfortable and at ease at all times.  Dr Houlton’s good work has had a positive impact on my appearance.

I also wish to record that Dr Houlton is well supported by a team of highly skilled and very pleasant professional staff.


I would like to thank you and your staff for being friendly and professional during my recent dental treatment.

Having lived with a denture for over forty years, I was, at first, apprehensive about having a bridge fitted.  My only regret is not having the work carried out sooner.  I am now free from the normal worries of denture care and have gained in confidence from that. So thanks again to your all for your professional service and support.


The denture not only fits better, but looks better!

Matthew spent much time ensuring that everything was perfect.  I am delighted with the results and feel much more confident about smiling!


Matthew and Rachel and all the staff are really friendly and very professional. Just had some root canal treatment done and a crown fitted. I was kept informed at every stage of my treatment about exactly what was happening and made to feel relaxed about something I was quite worried about. Just mentioned to Matthew about a tooth that was stained and he suggested “Jet Plus” it was totally painless and the results truly amazing. Hence I’ve booked another session. Highly recommend Manor House to people who care about their oral hygiene. Always a pleasant experience

Angela Hall

Feedback about Edelweiss Cosmetic Veneers

8 Veneers on top teeth and teeth whitening:

These veneers were non-invasive and the work was completed in 1 day, which was important to me, being a very nervous patient. The result was beyond all my expectations and is totally natural looking.  Whilst I was not particularly unhappy with my teeth in the first place, the transformation has been quite amazing and I can’t stop smiling.

Thank you Matthew and your team, you’re the best.


I feel my teeth now look like my original shape and size of teeth. Therefore it’s a more youthful look. Also my lip line is now plumped out, again a more youthful appearance. Totally and completely satisfied. Many thanks


Feedback about Cosmetic Re-sculpting of Teeth

I have had an appointment today with Matthew to fill my front tooth, level both front teeth and file back my front protruding tooth.

The treatment lasted about 1 hour and at no point did I feel any pain.  I had discussed the work prior and was very confident that Matthew understood my desired look.  The opportunity to watch a film during my treatment was brilliant as the time passed very quickly.

I am delighted with the results and have booked in for further work to my lower teeth.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to enhance their smile with no pain or after effects.


Feedback about Somnowell Anti-snoring Device

I have been using the Somnowell device now for over a year, and it is not overly dramatic to say that it has transformed both my and my wife’s life. I use it for snoring, not sleep apnoea, and when it is in place I normally do not snore at all.

The device is far more comfortable than similar products on the market. It sits on the back teeth, so there is no pressure effect on the front teeth. It is also possible to open the mouth to speak and drink with it in place, which is a big advantage.

It isn’t cheep but the advantages make it well worth the investment and I recommend it both as a patient and as an ENT surgeon.

Andrew Grace ENT Surgeon

The main benefits of having the treatment done are:

1. No more spare Bedroom!!
2. Much better night’s sleep
3. The device is very easy to use and comfortable to wear. From the first night my wife says I did not snore at all and this has continued. I had tried other devices from the internet, none of which worked. The Somnowell is worth every penny of the money, perhaps more so for my long suffering wife.

Comment from Julia, his wife:

I feel better, I am able to sleep undisturbed. Our relationship may last the course now! It’s not the snorer that suffers my husband just told me he didn’t know he was snoring. I was the one that was awake!

Keith and Julia Robson



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