snoring indicate sleep apnoea

Why Snoring Could Indicate Sleep Apnoea

Snoring is the main symptom of the condition sleep apnoea, where the airways become blocked as you sleep, resulting in a loss of oxygen. This leads to interrupted sleep where you often awake, sometimes gasping for air. One of the major effects of sleep apnoea is a constant feeling of fatigue during the day. 

If you are experiencing this and also regularly snore you should have a test for sleep apnoea. Obstructive sleep apnoea is the most common form of the condition and the persistent tiredness can lead to poor concentration, moodiness and an increased risk of accidents.

For mild to moderate sleep apnoea many dentists can provide an oral appliance which pushes the lower jaw down as you sleep, allowing the airways to remain open. Without treatment sleep apnoea can result in serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

Snoring can be more than just a nuisance, it can be a sign of sleep apnoea, but with the correct treatment you can have a proper night’s sleep again and be rid of feeling constantly fatigued.

Do you have sleep apnoea? An in-home Sleep Test provides a quick, convenient and affordable way to have sleep apnoea confirmed. All studies are independently analysed by experienced NHS-qualified sleep professionals, and use the WatchPAT recording device for unrivalled accuracy. 

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