Potential Causes of White Patches in the Mouth

Potential Causes of White Patches in the Mouth

If you have noticed white patches around your teeth and within the soft tissue of your mouth, you may be suffering from a condition known as leukoplakia. In the majority of cases, these lesions will resolve themselves in less than two weeks and they affect nothing more than the short-term impact of your smile.

Although leukoplakia is quite common, researchers have yet to identify its exact causes. However, there are several current theories. As with any oral condition, seek the advice of a dentist if these symptoms become more severe. Some causes may include:

– Irritation of the mucous membranes as a result of heavy smoking over the years.

– The lack of a protein known as keratin (from illness or a deficiency).

– When hot liquids such as coffee burn the inside of the mouth.

Researchers are still sorting the specifics of how and why leukoplakia occurs.”

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