Children’s Dentistry

Looking After Your Children’s Teeth

Simple Home Prevention

Children's DentistryChildren’s Dentistry : We aim to prevent dental disease rather than treat it at a later date. Here are some simple ways to prevent children from tooth decay and gum problems. Children’s dentistry is focused on teaching your child to practice good oral hygiene at home. Also, parents can check their teeth and gums at home.

Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes can remove the dental plaque that causes tooth decay and inflammation of the gums (gingivitis).

A good diet is also essential, so avoiding sugary and/or sticky snacks. Also reducing how frequently they have snacks can helps to reduce the risk of decay.

Hygienist visits are not just for adults

A clean mouth is crucial to keeping your children’s gums and teeth healthy.  Poor brushing can lead to plaque build up on the teeth, which in turn can cause weakening of the teeth and even decay. Deposits of plaque or calculus can also damage the periodontal tissues (i.e. bone, ligament and gum) which support the teeth. This can cause problems with the gums for life. Poor oral hygiene and gingivitis can also lead to bad breath.

So to keep your child’s mouth in a healthy state ensure they visit our hygienist regularly. They can provide diet advice, oral hygiene instruction, and a scale and polish.

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Your child can see our hygienist directly without having to see our dentist first.

However we would advise that your child sees a dentist too, as dentists play an important role in keeping your child’s mouth healthy.  Screening for gum problems, dental decay and monitoring the development and positioning of your child’s teeth forms an integral part of a routine dental check-up.

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Preventative Dental Treatments

Fluoride applications and fissure sealants (tooth coloured sealants) can be applied to biting surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent decay.

Fissure sealants

Molar teeth are most vulnerable to decay in the 2 years after they erupt.  Food particles often become lodged.  Fissure sealant is applied in droplet form.  The sealant is hardened using a bright light forming a barrier protecting against tooth decay.



We aim to prevent dental disease occurring in the first place. But if a cavity has occurred then a filling is necessary. This is usually done with a white filling material.


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