Dental Products

Listed below are the items that you can purchase from us. Please complete the form at the foot of this page to order them from us. Don’t forget to add your address to the main text area.

Our standard delivery is by second class post at £2.90 (for parcels upto 1kg).

Prescription Items
Duraphat 2800 POM £5.99
Duraphat 5000 POM £8.05
Tooth Brushes
Interspace Brush £2.00
Oral B Stages £2.50
Sensodyne 3.5 (single/double) £1.85/£3.50
Colgate 360 Deep Clean £2.45
Oral B Cross Action/Pro-Expert £2.45
Oral B Professional Care 2000 £39.50
Interspace Head £4.75
Crossaction Heads (twin pack) £10.50
Flexcare Standard (4 pack) £20.00
Flexcare Mini Heads (4 pack) £25.00
Tungbrush £4.50
Denture Brush £1.50
Fluorigard Mouthwash £4.25
Corsodyl Gel £3.00
Corsodyl Mouthwash £4.95
Tung Gel £3.60
Dentural Cleaner £2.69
Orthodontic Retainer Box £2.50
Patient Mouth Mirrors £1.00
Disclosing Tablets £2.50
Retainer Brite £5.90
Interdental Cleaning Aids
Glide Floss Picks £3.00
Sonicare Airfloss Nozzles (twin pack) £7.45
TePe Angle Interdental Brush (Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow or Green) £3.85
TePe Interdental Brushes (Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Grey or Black) £3.50
TePe (Bulk pack: Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Purple) £9.00/£12.00
Easy Floss £1.99
Superfloss £3.50
Oral B Pro-Expert Dental Tape £3.99
Dental Tape £3.99
Tepe Bridge and Implant floss £4.50
Please note all offers and prices are subject to change.

Product List last updated on 07/04/17