Dental Products

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TePe Direct

Our In-House Product List

Listed below are the items that you can purchase from us. Please contact the practice if you wish to place an order.

Prescription Items
Duraphat 2800 POM£9.05
Duraphat 5000 POM£9.05
Tooth Brushes
Interspace Brush£2.50
Oral B Stages£3.50
Tepe Select/ Compact£3.50
Oral B Cross Action/Pro-Expert£3.50
Oral B Professional Care 2000£39.50
Oral B Professional (twin pack)£60.00
Oral B Heads£10.50
Woobamboo toothbrush£3.50
Orthodontic toothbrush£3.50
Denture Brush£3.50
Fluorigard Mouthwash£4.25
Curasept Gel£7.50
Curasept Implant Mouthwash£8.50
Tung Gel£3.60
Orthodontic Retainer Box£2.50
Disclosing Tablets£2.50
Retainer Brite£5.90
Interdental Cleaning Aids
Glide Floss Picks£3.50
TePe Angle Interdental Brush (Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow or Green)£3.99
TePe Interdental Brushes (Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Grey or Black)£3.99
TePe (Bulk pack: Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Purple)£12.00
Woobamboo Biodegradable Silk£4.99
Oral B Pro-Expert Dental Tape£3.99
Dental Tape£4.99
Tepe Bridge and Implant floss£4.50

Please note all offers and prices are subject to change.

Our standard delivery is by second class post at £3.21 (for parcels up to 1 kg)

Product List last updated on 17/09/21